6 WORST Bollywood girlfriends that no man would ever want to date in real life

The most undesirable Bollywood women that a man would never desire to date in real life

Even though we like to mock Bollywood films, we still like watching them. Some films, however, use their extremely insane plot, storyline, and character edge to really justify the trolling. Bollywood has a long history of showcasing toxic girlfriends. And nowadays, people kind of take that for granted because Karan Johar and the other Bollywood bumps try to spice up the narrative a bit. Even though they make an effort to present a happy conclusion, it doesn’t actually seem very realistic in the end.

The list of some of the most awful Bollywood movie girlfriends, fiancees, or wives that no guy would want to date is listed below:



Natasha: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Even so, this well-loved movie has a compelling story, and Natasha’s character boosts the entire scenario. But if that’s how we evaluate her, we can very well conclude that she’s a whiney, obnoxious nuisance. It was not funny to crash your fiancé’s bachelor party. It was not funny to throw Bagwati just like that. Pushing Kabir to ask you to marry him just because you couldn’t decide which ring was right for you—thus explaining why Kabir ended up dumping her.


Taani: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

She continued cheating on her husband despite having a very loving spouse who would have done anything to make her happy. Rather than relying on her loving spouse, she chose to fall in love with a pretentious fluff boy and douchebag. Regardless of his desire for nothing more than to witness her joy, she was always gloomy and depressed about everything that surrounded her. It seems nearly impossible to please her, no matter what you do.


Karishma: Hasee Toh Phasee

Everything that might possibly irritate Karishma—a hurricane, pandemic, typhoon, etc.—led to the same event. She was threatening to break up with her lover. Whoa, such maturity!


Shanaya: Student Of The Year

Yes, the most filthy one of them all. Dumped the man who was helping her attract the attention of her “boyfriend,” who was at the time busy entertaining a different woman who wasn’t his girlfriend. Even though that seems a little off, Shanaya was unable to clarify her priorities. This is just too toxic. She is old enough to decide on other things without guidance, but not this one.


Tanu: Tanu Weds Manu

Despite rejecting Manu and having a whole partner on the other side, Tanu continued to lead him. Some women, well, just can’t survive without the approval of other guys. Especially those who require the attention of those they reject to feel better about themselves and more appealing.