Zee Entertainment responds to merger concerns amid share price dip

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (Zee) has refuted recent media reports suggesting that Sony is contemplating abandoning their $10 billion merger agreement. In an official filing to the stock exchange, Zee labeled the reports as “baseless and factually incorrect” and emphasized its commitment to the merger with Sony, working towards a successful closure.

Following Zee’s statement, there was a partial recovery in the company’s shares, which initially witnessed a 10% decline on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) during the day. The shares ultimately traded 6.11% lower at Rs 261.15 apiece.


Reports indicated that Sony’s potential reconsideration of the merger was tied to regulatory challenges faced by Zee Entertainment’s Managing Director, Punit Goenka. Zee had sought an extension from Sony, citing unresolved issues crucial to the merger, particularly the question of Goenka’s leadership role in the combined entity.

Sony’s reported discomfort with Goenka at the helm, particularly amid an ongoing regulatory probe, has contributed to delays in finalizing the deal. This setback raises concerns for both Sony and Zee, given their reported below-par growth over the past year.

As the companies grapple with challenges, the fate of the $10 billion merger remains uncertain, with regulatory obstacles and leadership considerations impacting the deal’s progress.