Google provides employees with tools to calculate pay and benefits for remote work

Google introduces a platform to let its employees calculate pay and benefits for remote work.

On Tuesday, Google unveiled a platform that provides its workers with tools to calculate pay and benefits for remote work. It also explains it would change if they relocate to a cheaper – or more expensive – city.

After the introduction of Google’s new hybrid workplace, “more employees are considering where they live and how they work,” said a Google spokesperson responding to an AFP inquiry.


The new Work Location Tool will reveal to workers, how their compensation will be adjusted depending on their location. Their pay is based on costs of living in places.

Some 140,000 people are employed by Google worldwide. According to the spokesperson, in its new post-pandemic work model, only 60 per cent of its employees will meet in offices just a few days a week. The other 20 per cent will be in new office locations. The leftover 20 per cent of “Googlers” are expected to work from home.

Sundar Pichai, Google chief executive also admitted the need for flexibility regarding remote work. He also spoke on the matter of changes in location as tech companies reopen campuses abandoned during the pandemic.

Companies all over the world including Google are adapting to the new changes due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.