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Xi Jinping orders increased training of Chinese Forces

Chinese President Xi Jinping directed armed forces to strengthen defense. On Tuesday he asked his troops to prepare for a potential war amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. The President makes his speech after the economical stress created by US. Both countries China and USA have increased border security on sensitive territories. Chinese Diplomats and Ministers have thoroughly argued and rejected theories developed by US individuals. Xi made a statement that despite the Pandemic China has developed new means of military training. It is focusing on border patrol and trying to improve national and martial security.

The President made an effective speech to the general public. He depicted media of the second aircraft carrier in Beijing that is ingenuously built by the country. China has also stated that it has made more progress during the epidemic stage. The virus largely tested its military proficiency an capability to control the economy from the overthrow of the virus. Beijing’s homeland security interests overseas seem to be facing real time threats. China considers it important to increase its troops along the border. Similarly its budget on defense has increased by 6.6 % on the Annual Nominal GDP. The people have supported the President and his message to the republic in his latest speech.