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World Water Week in Stockholm: Everything you need to know

World Water Week, the biggest water conference of the year, is being held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 1991, World Water Week has been the premier forum on international water concerns.

• Stockholm Water Festival, which celebrated that the Swedish city had accomplished its goal of having some of the purest water in the world, originally included World Water Week, which is now held annually during the last week of August.


• World Water Week is organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), which also selects all of the programming.

• World Water Week is a non-profit event that was co-created with eminent groups. It draws participants from a wide range of professions.

2023 World Water Week highlights 

• This is an annual event that brings together thousands of organisations and people, including government specialists, UN representatives, scientists, and academics, to reevaluate how water is managed.

• Under the slogan “Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-wise World,” the general theme of the 2023 World Water Week is tied to these sessions.

• Csaba Krösi, the President of the General Assembly, has put up five remedies to the water situation. The adoption of a UN-wide water strategy, led by a UN Special Envoy on Water, and the construction of a platform for water cooperation among all 193 UN Member States (the representatives who sit in the General Assembly) are included.