Which are the most widely spoken languages in the world?

Although there are nowadays more than 7,000 languages, only 23 cover 50% of the world’s population. These are some of the most extensively used languages in the world.

Have you ever marveled which are the extensively spoken languages and dialects on the planet? Although there are nowadays more than 7,000 languages, only 23 cover 50% of the world’s population.


This is not just a topic of statistics: it is a basic validity when organizing an extensive evolution policy. Whether for social or private use, proficiency of other dialects opens up fresh perimeters.




Native: 379 million

Non-native: 753 million

English is the symbol of universal speech. It is the mandatory language in worldwide industry, technology, culture, tourism, etc. A bilingual individual, pronouncing Spanish and English, is competent to comprehend one out of three people who pertain to the Internet. Moreover, he or she can permit 60% of everything disseminated on the web (W3Techs, 2019). 



Native: 918 million

Non-native: 199 million

When authentic and non-native orators are put in together, Mandarin is the second most communicated language in any nation. Nevertheless, it is the initial if only native speakers are taken into consideration. Mandarin is not actually a language, but a bunch of dialects of the Chinese language. The fact that strengthens these dialects under one roof is that their lecturers can understand each other.



Native: 341 million

Non-native: 274 million

India celebrates the existence of 22 official languages, one among them is Hindi. India is the second most populated country in the world. 8 out of 10 people speak in Hindi in India. The verbal variety of the area (more than 1,600 dialects coexist) clarifies the elevated rate of speakers who utilize it as a lingua franca.



Native speakers: 460 million

Non-native speakers: 74 million

It is the second most spoken language as per the count of native speakers using it for communication purposes. As far as Internet is concerned, It is the third most utilized languages on the Internet. Its tremendous colonial proliferation took it not only to America but also to Asia & Africa. Migration is the fundamentals reason behind the current statistics. United States is the nation with the second-largest number of Spanish speakers across the world.



Native: 77 million

Non-native: 203 million

Colonialism enabled the French to scatter throughout the globe. Today it is the authorized language of 29 nations on distinct continents. If English is acknowledged as the language of business then French is evaluated as the language of civilization. Its massive significance is also revealed in the validity that it is the language number of non-native speakers. 


Languages are being employed for various purposes. Nowadays, foreign universities demand the prospective students who are polyglot. It is not just about speaking a particular dialect but it is about acquiring the culture. Those who learn more than two languages expand their intellect. Films, books, etc are the art forms being created in a specific language and are translated in several languages. English became the most spoken language not because of its usage but because of the the translations. Words constitute language and words are only the medium of expression. Words are dead but they become alive when we insert our emotions and perform them in an organic manner.