White House calls India an “incredibly important” partner to the US in the region and globally

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has called India an “incredibly important” partner to the United States in the region as well as globally.

“We work with India on a range of issues, as you well know — economic, strategic, security”, added the White House Press Secretary. On Friday, Psaki said that the US has taken multiple steps to help India fight the COVID-19 pandemic during the early stages of the surge along with providing a range of assistance.


In May 2021, US President Joe Biden had announced COVID-19 assistance to India of worth $100 million after the country’s increased struggle with the pandemic. Over $1.2 million was raised by the US-India Chambers of Commerce Foundation for efforts related to coronavirus.

As per a release on June 3, US-India Chambers of Commerce Foundation had accomplished a record-breaking fundraising by shipping around 120 ventilators and over 1,000 oxygen concentrators.

On June 4, US Vice President Kamala Harris called Indian PM Narendra Modi to notify him about the decision taken by the administration to send tens of thousands of life-saving vaccine doses to India.

India will receive US vaccines after the President’s announcement of sending 25 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to countries all over the world.

India has been included in direct supply to neighbours and partner countries as well as under the COVAX initiative.