Tornado sweeps through Chicago’s Rogers Park Neighbourhood, leaves 388k without power

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed a tornado in the Rogers Park neighbourhood in Chicago on Monday. More than 100 severe weather reports were lodged yesterday amidst the thunderstorms. The NWS confirmed the tornado with 80 mph winds in Rogers Park with the photo, video and radar evidence.

The tornado caused widespread damage to property and disrupted power grids. “With a storm this bad with this much damage, it’s not just a repair job. In some of the areas that are impacted, it’s actually a rebuild. We’re going to rebuild areas of the grid that have been significantly damaged by the storm. And that rebuild is not just a repair, it’s going to take some time,’ said Rich Negrin, spokesperson for ComEd according to a report on ABC7 Chicago.


Over 388k people are without power as of Tuesday and the repair work will take a significant amount of time according to ComEd. Citizens have been sharing videos of the storms uprooting trees, damaging buildings and property on social media platforms. The NWS will survey the damage caused by the tornado to determine its strength by Tuesday.