Minneapolis officer killed in ambush while responding to shooting call

A Minneapolis police officer, Jamal Mitchell, was ambushed and killed on Thursday while responding to a shooting call. Mitchell, who stopped to aid a man appearing to be a victim, was shot by that man instead.

The incident created chaos across two crime scenes, two blocks apart. This resulted in three deaths, two critically injured individuals, and another officer and a firefighter suffering less serious injuries.


“I’ve seen the video, and he was ambushed,” said Drew Evans, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Superintendent, at an evening news conference. He emphasized the deliberate nature of the attack.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey urged patience as authorities investigate, stating, “We want to make sure that the investigation is completed and that we’re doing it the right way.”

The ordeal began when officers responded to a double shooting at an apartment complex in south Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood. As Mitchell approached the scene, he noticed injured individuals and stopped to help, only to be shot by one of them.

Another officer arrived and exchanged gunfire with the shooter, who later died despite efforts to save him. An innocent bystander was also critically injured, and a firefighter sustained injuries.

Inside the apartment, officers found two shooting victims—one dead and the other in critical condition. Authorities believe the individuals in the apartment knew each other and that the shootings were confined to these two locations. The public is not considered to be in danger.

This tragic event follows a similar incident three months ago in Burnsville, where two officers and a firefighter-paramedic were killed while responding to a domestic violence call.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz expressed the collective trauma felt by the community, saying, “That trauma should quickly turn to anger and a commitment that this cannot happen. We do not have to live this way.”

Mitchell had served with the department for about 18 months. He was engaged to be married and was a father. His death has left a profound impact on the community and his fellow officers.

“The city of Minneapolis lost a hero in police officer Jamal Mitchell,” said Mayor Frey. “His life, his service, and his name will forever be remembered in the city of Minneapolis.”

Mitchell had previously been recognized for his heroism. On his third day on the job, he and Officer Zachery Randall rescued an elderly couple from a house fire, an act that Chief Brian O’Hara described as “truly heroic.”

“He was a wonderful human being,” said Minneapolis Assistant Police Chief Katie Blackwell. “He was exceptional in every way.”