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US disapproves Ukraine’s drone attack attempts on Russia

Karine Jean-Pierre emphasizes Washington’s stance against intranational attacks as Russia fends off 14 UAVs

According to White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre, the United States does not support Ukraine’s attempts to attack Russia with drones. According to accounts, the remarks were made in response to the terrorists’ most recent effort to use drones to strike Moscow on the morning of July 24.

In a press conference, Jean-Pierre reaffirmed the US government’s position that it typically opposes any attacks conducted inside of Russia’s borders. Notably, she acknowledged Crimea as a part of Ukraine in her statement, which is controversial given the existing geopolitical tensions.


According to Jean-Pierre, Russia is to blame for the prolonged crisis in Ukraine, and a resolution could be found swiftly if Russian forces withdraw.

The Russian Ministry of Defence reports that on Monday, 14 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were effectively neutralised using electronic warfare techniques. According to reports, three of the drones were brought down on the peninsula, while the other 11 were claimed to have fallen into the Black Sea. In addition, the Ministry declared that two drones used by the Kiev government to launch an attempted terrorist attack on Moscow targets were effectively shot down on July 24’s morning.

The complexity and growing tension in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict are highlighted by this most recent episode. Jean-Pierre’s reiteration of the White House position underlines Washington’s intention to continue a diplomatic and non-aggressive approach to resolving these concerns.