United Airlines rerouted flights to evade Afghanistan airspace

On August 15, the Taliban entered the gates of Kabul and have blocked all the routes instantly.

United Airlines (UALO) announced on Sunday, a late evening that it is rerouting some flights to avoid contact with Afghanistan airspace just after the Taliban insurgents dominated the region along with the presidential palace in Kabul as U.S.-led forces left and Western nations went on race to evacuate their citizens safe from the affected areas with immediate effect on Monday.

“Due to the dynamic nature of the situation we have begun routing affected flights around Afghanistan airspace,” a United spokeswoman averred in a statement.


The alterations affected the several U.S. to India flights pattern. Earlier in July, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration introduced new flight restraints over Afghanistan for U.S. airlines and several other U.S. operators.

On August 15, the Taliban have entered the gates of Kabul and have blocked all the routes instantly. The Associated Press on behalf of the Afghan official stated that the Taliban troop is all set to negotiate with the President and has already approached with the transfer of power note to the presidential palace. However, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan following which Kabul was handed over to the Taliban leading to a formation of an interim Taliban government.

B late evening, the US has carried its diplomatic staff from its embassy in Kabul to avoid further exigencies.