UN Climate Chief terms G20 climate emergency statements as ‘woefully inadequate’ | Business Upturn

UN Climate Chief terms G20 climate emergency statements as ‘woefully inadequate’

The recorded statements by G20 ministers before the key summit are “woefully inadequate” about addressing the climate emergency, the UN’s climate change chief commented in an interview Wednesday, asking to take stronger action from the nations liable for most planet-heating pollution.

The G20, which forms around 85 percent of the world’s economy and greenhouse gas emissions, is scheduled to meet in New Delhi but in the absence of China and Russia’s leaders, as the invasion of Ukraine, trade and the future of fossil fuels have created an atmosphere of tension. Simon Stiell, the current head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said that , “technological solutions are within reach to curb the warming that is already unleashing devastating impacts across the globe.” He also informed that geopolitics is the “constraining factor”, speaking on the sidelines of the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, where leaders have raised voices for a huge increase in renewables investment, global financial reforms and more constant support for vulnerable countries.

The G20 summit is supposed to bet the next most important set of negotiations in the upcoming calendar of meetings vital for action on global warming, culminating at the UN COP28 talks in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates starting this November.