UK officials targeted by Russian authorities in sanctions over alleged Russophobia

Russian authorities have imposed sanctions on British officials, historians, and academics, branding them as “Russophobic” individuals, escalating tensions between the two countries.

On Monday, Russia implemented individual sanctions against 18 British citizens, which included prominent academics and officials. The Russian authorities cited their justification for this measure as stemming from the individuals’ efforts to depict Russia as a menacing country and to support instigating the conflict in Ukraine.


Announcements were made regarding sanctions targeting British Deputy Defence Minister James Cartlidge and Deputy National Security Adviser Sarah MacIntosh. Russia’s foreign ministry accused British representatives of being driven by Russophobic sentiments, persisting in efforts to undermine Russia’s constitutional system and socio-political developments.
Among those affected are Stuart Peach, the British prime minister’s special envoy to the Western Balkans, as well as Lords Dan Hannan and Michael Ashcroft. Academic figures facing sanctions include historians such as Orlando Figes, Norman Davies, Timothy Garton Ash, Rob Johnson, and David Abulafia.
Moreover, experts like Roy Allison of Oxford, Graeme Robertson of the University of North Carolina, Calder Walton of Harvard, and James Sherr of the International Centre for Defence & Security in Tallinn are targeted. These sanctions stem from allegations of Russophobic actions and attempts to discredit Russia’s constitutional system and socio-political processes, as stated by Russia’s foreign ministry.
The imposition of sanctions by Russia on a range of British individuals, including academics and officials, reflects escalating tensions driven by allegations of Russophobic actions and attempts to undermine Russia’s constitutional system. This move adds to the strained diplomatic relations between the two countries.