Two weeks for Tokyo Olympics: Japan PM announces virus emergency

Japan’s government on Thursday announced a new virus state of emergency stretching throughout the Tokyo Olympics

On Thursday, IOC President Thomas Bach arrived in Tokyo to just look at the ban on spectators at the Tokyo Olympics which is likely to resume after Japan Prime Minister Yoshihde Suga announced a state of emergency as the rising Coronavirus infections in the capital.

PM Suga said the state of emergency would start from Monday and will go on till Aug. 22, which means the Olympics, whose opening was scheduled on July 23 and running through Aug. 8, will be held under emergency measures.


Suga also announced the state of emergency as it was needed to prevent the future spread on cases across the country.

The Olympics have started to  push ahead against all the medical advice, because the postponement has now stalled with the IOC’s income flow. It has almost got 75 percent of its income by selling broadcast rights, and estimates suggest it would lose up-to 3 billion to 4 billion if the Olympics stands canceled.

For in all about, 11,000 Olympians and 4,400 Paralympians are expected to take part and enter Japan, with more than 10,000 of officials, judges, administrators, sponsors, broadcasters, and media. The IOC has also said that they will be vaccinating more than 80 percent candidates from the Olympic Village.

Besides the whole nation, Japan has recorded about 810,000 cases and nearly 14,900 deaths. Only 15 per cent of Japanese are fully vaccinated, still low compared with 47.4% in the United States and almost 50 per cent in Britain.