Twitter to roll out subscription charges for commercial & government users

Twitter will start charging commercial and government users in its latest plan to revamp the social media platform after its takeover by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk after bagging a deal worth $ 44 billion to take over the giant social media platform, Twitter, immediately started pulling the trigger on the earlier policies of the social media platform. The long-standing discussion on the social media platform’s resistance to free speech is often condemned by Elon Musk and in his tweets after buying Twitter, Musk didn’t hesitate to express an opinion on the behavior of the social media platform towards various ideologies.

However, in terms of the revamp process, Musk is planning to put end-to-end encryption on Twitter DMs, alongside rolling out subscription charges for commercial and government users, as revealed by Elon Musk in his recent tweet. It was earlier predicted that subscription charges would be the next on the list of Twitter and Elon Musk did not delay informing about it. Although, the charges aren’t revealed Musk in his Tweet mentioned, “Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a slight cost for commercial/government users,”

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