Top Afghan Taliban leader Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani was killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, a top Taliban member, was killed in a suicide attack at his Madrasa in Kabul.


According to police, a bombing at a renowned Taliban cleric’s religious centre in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Thursday resulted in his death. This is the most recent incident to target the nation in the year since the former militants took control.

The preacher was recognised by authorities as Rahimullah Haqqani, a name that indicates he received his education at Pakistan’s Darul Uloom Haqqania, an Islamic institution long linked to the Taliban.

A deputy Taliban spokesman named Bilal Karimi acknowledged Haqqani’s passing and described him as a “renowned personality and intellectual figure.” Karimi stated without further explanation that Haqqani had been murdered by “a violent attack of the enemy.”

The murder was not immediately attributed to anyone. However, since the Taliban took command in Afghanistan in August as U.S. and NATO troops were nearing the end of their pullout from the country, the local offshoot of the Islamic State group has been attacking both the Taliban and civilians.

Taliban fighters in Kabul blocked journalists from visiting Haqqani’s religious complex after the bombing. Taliban representatives also declined to go into detail about the type of bombing that the cleric was the target of or confirm whether anyone else was either killed or hurt in the attack.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, an invasion spearheaded by the United States overthrew the Taliban leadership. The militants’ grip on power has been severely weakened by a catastrophic economic crisis brought on by the international community’s suspension of aid to the nation.