Top 5 safest countries for women in 2023

Did you know there are some countries that have been ranked to be some of the safest countries for women?

Why is it always that, as a woman, we always have to compromise our wants for the sake of our safety? I am sure many of the women always want to take solo trips. But, then raises that question about them being safe. Be it wanting to take solo trips , travelling in cabs or public transport alone or walking alone at night, a woman never completely feels safe and always has to constantly worry about her safety.

But, did you know there are some countries that have been ranked to be some of the safest countries for women? So let’s check out the list of 5 such countries which has secured the rank of being the safest countries in the world in the year 2023.



Norway has been awarded the first rank for women involved in economic affairs, community safety for women and discriminatory laws absent by the Women’s Peace and Security Index. It also secures the first position in the list of gender equality in the world.


The Global Peace Index has ranked Japan among the safest countries in the world due to the low crime rates. Solo women travellers are offered facilities in this country which includes accommodation, dining activities etc.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is another country which secures top position among being the safest countries. Recently, this country witnessed the implementation of women’s equality in the Parliament also. According to a study that was conducted, 98.5 percent of women belonging to the age group of 15 years and above claimed to feel safe walking alone in their city, even during nighttime. Among the cities of UAE, Dubai secures the first rank of being the safest city in the country.


In the index of women’s peace and security, Slovenia, a Central European country has been ranked one of the safest countries and has said to make progress in terms of the index of peace security in recent years. As per the index 85 percent of women are safe in the country. Even the public transports of this country are safe.


Austria is another country which scores a pretty well rank when it comes to women’s safety. According to an index, 79 percent of women feel safe in the country while walking alone at night. It has one of the highest safety index score of 73.92/100 among the other countries in terms of safety.

So, if you are a woman planning to go for a solo trip without having to worry too much about your safety, you can definitely opt for these places.