The ‘It is Pride Month, you know what that means’ meme, explained

The “It is Pride Month, you know what that means” meme has been making the rounds, bringing a touch of humor and creativity to the Pride season. This popular meme follows a simple formula: one character informs another that it’s Pride Month, to which the other character responds with confusion or a humorous retort. The meme is part of the broader trend of redraw memes, where well-known characters are depicted in various art styles or situations.

Originating from a Breaking Bad webcomic titled “It is Pride Month, Walter,” the meme features Gustavo Fring informing Walter and Jesse about Pride Month, to which Walter responds with bewilderment, jokingly suggesting making “gay meth.” Originally posted on Tumblr in July 2022, the meme gained traction on Twitter the following year and has seen a resurgence during Pride Month celebrations.


The versatility of this meme is evident in the examples shared across various fandoms. From Undertale’s Papyrus contemplating Pride Month to Genshin Impact characters discussing the occasion, and even a nod to Five Nights at Freddy’s, the meme’s adaptability allows for endless iterations featuring characters from different franchises.

Whether you’re reminiscing about childhood favorites or discovering unexpected crossovers, the “It is Pride Month, you know what that means” meme adds a lighthearted touch to Pride celebrations. So, as we embrace the spirit of inclusivity and acceptance, let’s enjoy the playful humor and creativity this meme brings to the table. Happy Pride, everyone!