Tesla Semi trucks are unveiled by Elon Musk at Nevada factory

Tesla claimed that the Semi’s powertrain would soon be available in its other cars, and the company plans to use the truck to transport auto parts within its own supply chain.


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., made his company’s debut in the trucking industry on Thursday during a ceremony held in the Nevada plant of the electric car manufacturer.

On November 15, between Fremont and San Diego, the business successfully completed a 500-mile test of the Semi’s driving range, according to Musk during the occasion.

The truck is a Class 8 vehicle, which means it has a weight restriction that permits it to haul freight weighing more than 33,001 pounds. After being revealed in 2017, it was originally scheduled to enter production in 2019, but plans were postponed because of battery limitations.

Tesla said that the Semi’s powertrain would be utilised in its other vehicles and that it would use the truck in its own supply chain to transport auto parts.

According to Musk, the Semi is the first Tesla vehicle and has three times the power of any diesel-powered truck. It is intended to minimise the excessive emissions of the trucking industry in relation to the size of the fleet.

In order to increase efficiency, Tesla also stated that the Semi would employ its regenerative braking to recuperate kinetic energy.