Take a look at top Russian fighter jets in 2022


Russia has one of the most powerful military and air forces in the world. Exports of fighter planes and other military equipment were curtailed after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. While China and other former Soviet states benefit Russia’s resurgent aviation sector, the nation is likewise building up one of the world’s most formidable air armies.

During the development of its fighter planes, Russian aeronautics specialists were always thinking about how they could effectively counteract the actions of the United States and its allies. As a result, Russia has ramped up its military budget. It has focused more on the Military than some other sectors. Take a look at the top 5 Russian Fighter Jets in 2022.

1. Sukhoi Su-24

In 1974, the Soviet Air Forces got the Su-24, a supersonic airplane capable of operating in all weather. Two pilots might sit next to each other in the twin-seat configuration, which has a movable sweep wing design and a twin-engine configuration. Russian and former Soviet aviation forces, including those of Ukraine and Azerbaijan, have utilized it consistently beginning around 1991. The Su-35 a new Sukhoi aircraft, will eventually replace this model.

2. Sukhoi Su-27

As a response to American fourth-generation F-15 and F-16 airplanes, the Soviet Union developed the Sukhoi Su27 during the 1980s. US Air Force intends to build a new better fighter aircraft that threatened Soviet national security since the US and the USSR were enmeshed in a Cold War. In order to develop a new generation of Soviet fighter jets, the General Staff of the Soviet Union set high standards. Mach 2+ speed and the capacity to carry big weaponry were all requirements for the new aircraft.

3. Sukhoi Su-25

Following in the footsteps of its idol Su-24, the Su-25 had many of the same features as its predecessor. In 1975, a model of the jet was introduced to the Soviet Air Forces, who tested it in 1978 in Tbilisi prior to placing it into service in 1981.

4. MiG-29

The Mikoyan MiG-29 was the Soviet Union’s 2nd attempt to adjust the American-made F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. The first was Sukoi – Su 27. MiG-29’s agility is superior to the Su-27, in spite of its lack of speed and combat range, despite its smaller size. Testing was attempted by the German military after the Cold War demonstrated that the Soviet MiG-29 was faster than the American F-16.

5. Sukhoi Su-30

During the latter years of the Soviet Union i.e. the 1980s, Sukhoi built this aircraft and it was at last utilized by the Russian Air Force following the dissolution of the USSR.