Russian Foreign Ministry announces persona non grata to 45 polish diplomats

Russian foreign office expelled 45 polish diplomats in response to Poland expelling 45 Russian diplomats last month on 23rd March.

Vladimir Putin loves playing games like tit-for-tat with his counterparts. Amidst severe bombings and train station blasts in Ukraine, Russia has time to play such games. Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday banished 45 diplomats from Poland working in Russia, just like how Poland, last month, expelled 45 Russian diplomats from Warsaw on allegations of espionage.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated it called upon the Polish ambassador in Putin’s Moscow and told him that the Russian Foreign Ministry highly condemns the unwarranted act of expulsion of their leaders from Poland last month on the 23rd of March.

The Russian Ministry stated that this act of unwarranted expulsion will not be tolerated and will be considered a direct threat to the bilateral relationship of Russia with Poland.

And as always the Russian Foreign Ministry lashed out at the Polish Foreign Ministry for wrongly accusing its leadership of espionage and blaming them for their behavior for the response Russia gave.

Russian foreign office announced the 45 polish diplomats as ‘persona non grata’ at the Polish embassy in Russia and the Consulate of Poland in the cities of Kaliningrad, St.Petersburg, and Irkutsk as unfriendly responses to what Poland did to their leaders.

 The suspended diplomats have time until April 13 to leave Russia.