Russian army captures Ukraine’s port city Kherson

The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its seventh day on Wednesday.


On Wednesday, the Russian military took control of Kherson, a Ukrainian port city, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its seventh day.
According to a report, Russia’s defence ministry said that its soldiers had taken Kherson. Kherson, according to the city governor, is fully encircled by Russians.

Russia has stated that it will continue to push militarily in Ukraine. On Wednesday, the attack on Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, continued. Their mayor claimed that residential areas were being bombarded with artilleries and rockets.

During the day, four more people were killed and nine more were injured in the shelling, according to the emergency services.

Videos of an unprovoked attack on the provincial police and intelligence headquarters in Kharkiv have been circulating online, showing a building with its roof blasted off and its top storey on fire. The five-story structure has been scattered across nearby streets in pieces.

Images of attacks striking Kharkiv were provided by the Ukrainian government’s strategic communications office on Wednesday, with fireballs illuminating up the city sky above-inhabited areas.

US President Joe Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “dictator” in his first State of the Union speech and predicted Putin will pay a severe price for his invasion of Ukraine. Biden also discussed the rise of assaults with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.