Putin warns West of nuclear war risk 

Putin warns West of the risk of nuclear war amid Ukraine conflict, highlighting Russia’s capability to strike Western targets and urging against troop deployment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to Western nations on Thursday, cautioning against the deployment of troops to Ukraine and highlighting the potential for a nuclear conflict. Speaking to political elites in Moscow, Putin asserted Russia’s capability to strike Western targets, emphasising the grave consequences of escalating tensions.

Putin’s address underscored the seriousness of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has strained relations between Russia and the West. He accused Western powers of attempting to undermine Russia and meddling in its internal affairs, particularly with regard to Ukraine. The proposed idea of European NATO members sending ground troops to Ukraine was met with vehement opposition from Putin, who cautioned against such actions, citing the risk of nuclear warfare.


The Russian leader showcased the country’s modernised nuclear arsenal, boasting of its readiness and advancements in hypersonic weapons technology. Putin’s remarks were punctuated with anger, as he warned Western politicians against underestimating Russia’s resolve and historical resilience in the face of invasion.

Amid ongoing military operations in Ukraine, Putin asserted Russia’s initiative on the battlefield, claiming advancement in multiple areas. He also announced plans to reinforce troops along Russia’s western borders, following Finland and Sweden’s decision to join the NATO alliance.

Despite escalating tensions, Putin dismissed suggestions of Russian aggression beyond Ukraine’s borders and pledged to avoid an arms race with the West. However, he criticised Western accusations against Russia and questioned their sincerity in nuclear strategic stability discussions.

Putin’s address comes ahead of Russia’s presidential election, where he is expected to secure another term in office. His warning serves as a stark reminder of the precarious situation in Eastern Europe and the potential ramifications of further escalation.

Putin’s warning highlights the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, lest the situation escalate into a catastrophic conflict with global implications.