Norway recognises Palestinian state: Appeals to other countries to follow suit

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has stated that the country will recognise Palestinian state, hence confirming the earlier reports.

The Prime Minister stated that the ongoing war in Gaza has made it clear that achieving peace and stability in the region must be predicated on resolving the Palestinian question.


He added that the goal is to achieve a state that is “politically cohesive” and derives from the Palestinian Authority.

Store believes that the two- state solution is also in Israel’s best interest. Further ahead, he continued that Norway’s decision will come into effect quickly and Oslo will recognise a Palestinian state by 28 May.

The move made by Norway was predicted since longtime and this morning’s announcement by its Prime Minister is in his words sending a message to other countries to follow suit.

It has been known that Spain and Ireland are also planning onto doing the same. The Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez also visited Norway and Ireland to co ordinate their move.