Khalistan Movement supporters force the shut down of Indian Consulate in Brisbane

How secure are Indians there? It’s reasonable to ask given the recent spike in attacks by Khalistan movement supporters. The most recent attack occurred on the Indian consulate in Brisbane, but temples across the nation have also been reportedly vandalized.

The Indian Consulate located in Brisbane has reportedly been shut due to security concerns, owing to the Khalistan Movement protestors reportedly engaging in another sign of protest to enhance the activities of the separationist movement.

The Australian Prime Minister had told PM Modi a week earlier that he would put an end to anti-Indian events.


Director of Hindu Human Rights Sarah L. Gates reportedly alerted people about the embassy’s closing. She said that the event had been planned by the Sikh for Justice group as part of its deceptive messaging. As a result, the Indian Embassy had to be forcibly shuttered today for security reasons. Khalistan Zindabad signs were being raised by members of the throng. The Queensland police had placed a sizable security force in the vicinity due to the large number of demonstrators.The demonstrators were referred to as thugs by a Queensland resident of Indian descent who had just arrived from his job at the Indian Embassy. This individual, Parvinder Singh, claimed that these goons shouldn’t be permitted to live in Australia the way we do.

PM Modi breaks silence on the matter

On March 11, while Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, was in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought up the subject of radicalism in Khalistan. He voiced alarm at the assault on Hindu temples in Australia by Khalistani militants. The Australian prime minister gave him assurances that his country will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of persons of Indian descent living in Australia. This embassy capture attempt has sparked a lot of discussion after only four days.

Indian consulate in Brisbane attacked

The Indian consulate in Brisbane had to close after being attacked by Khalistani sympathizers.

The honorary consulate, which is situated on Swann Road in the Taringa neighbourhood of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was initially targeted on the evening of February 21. When she came on February 22nd, Honorary Consul of India in Brisbane Archana Singh discovered a Khalistan flag affixed to the workplace. She quickly alerted the Queensland Police, who took the flag away and made sure the consul was not in immediate danger, according to news agency ANI.

Extremists from the Khalistani community blocked the door to the embassy on Wednesday, forcing it to close. According to a story in The Australia Today, there have been anti-Hindu slogans that refer to them as supremacists who support Khalistan Zindabad.

India’s worries

Australia’s Hindu population is rapidly expanding. Around 210,000 Sikhs were found in Australia in 2021, an increase from 130,000 in 2016; nearly half of this population resided in Victoria. Hindus increased from 440,300 in Australia in 2016 to 684,000 in 2021. It is now the nation’s fastest-growing religion as a result of immigration.

The Indian government is worried and has repeatedly brought up the issue.

When PM Anthony Albanese visited India last week, he spoke with PM Modi about the recent attacks by supporters of Khalistan on Hindu temples in Australia.

“It is a matter of regret that reports of attacks on temples have come regularly from Australia over the past few weeks. It is natural that such news worries everyone in India, disturbs our mind,” said stated Albanese and Prime Minister Modi during a joint press conference.

Last month, Penny Wong of Australia and S. Jaishankar of India, both foreign ministers, held bilateral discussions about the issue. The Indian diplomat stressed the importance of being vigilant against “radical activities” during his visit to Sydney.

Australia’s diplomatic assurance

According to reports, PM Anthony Albanese told PM Modi that the Australian authorities would handle the situation to ensure social stability.

Such attacks have no place in Australia, according to the country’s leader. “We will take every action, through our police and security agencies, to make sure anyone responsible for this faces the full force of the law.” He added. Canberra needs to fulfil its pledge right away.

(With inputs from agencies)