Italy to open up on June 3 , Allow travel to and from abroad

June 3 is the day when Italy is going to get a new lease of life

Italy is one of the countries which was affected most by the Coronavirus situation. It has now allowed travel in and out of the country from June 3. The government will also enable free travel across the country from June 3. Italy has recorded 31,610 deaths which is the third highest after USA and the UK, respectively. Italy was among the first European countries to shut down and allowed only certain factories to open for economic activities.

Opening of the country allows the millions of Italians to seek respite from the heat and travel abroad after an intense lockdown. All sectors of the economy might be opened soon if as long as safety protocols are followed. The National Health authorities will closely monitor the situation to check that the cases are kept in check.

Shops and restaurants are also preparing to open up soon with safety measures in check.

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