Italian PM Mario Draghi resigns adding another world leader to the quitter list

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned after Five-star coalition had pulled back their support in the government.


In the most recent update Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy resigned on Thursday just hours after he had won the trust vote in the Senate. The Italian government was in the midst of an ongoing political crisis where the trust vote had taken place in the parliament against Mario Draghi’s coalition government. Mario Draghi had earlier mentioned that he would not head an administration where the 5-star movement weren’t supporters.

It was observed that the 5-star movement members had decided that they will not take part in the parliamentary vote. Currently, the decisions made by the 5-star movement hold a lot of importance. As they might launch the entire country into a state of political uncertainty. And risk undermining efforts to secure billions of euros in European Union Funds.

Hence, elections in Italy are scheduled for the first part of the next year. Since tensions have been growing among the coalition’s members. Who have been on opposite ends of the political spectrum since early 2021.  Giuseppe Conte, the head of the 5-Star party, declared late on Wednesday. Further, that his party will not support the vote of confidence. He argued that the government should be doing more to address the escalating social issues in the third-largest economy in the eurozone. “I have a strong fear that September will be a time when many families will face the terrible choice of paying their electricity bill or buying food,” he said, as he was referring to the sharp spike in energy costs.