International Court of Justice orders Israel to halt its military offensive in Gaza; Israel refrains from it

The top United Nations court ordered Israel on Friday to immediately halt its military activities in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, however, it did not order a cease fire for the enclave. Although Israel is unlikely to comply with the order, it will ratchet up the pressure on the increasingly isolated country.

Israel has been recipient of growing criticism owing to its war in Gaza, particularly the one that focuses on Rafah. This week alone, three European countries – Spanish, Ireland, and Norway – announced that they will recognizing Palestinian state. Moreover, arrest warrants have been requested for Israeli leaders and Hamas officials, by chief prosecutor of another international court.


The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also under immense pressure at home to end the war, which was started by Hamas militant, as they entered the Israeli territory on October 7, killing around 1,200 civilians and taking scores into captivity.

While the ruling of the international court is a blow to Israel, the court do not have police force to ensure the execution of its orders.