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Haitian President Jovenel Moïse assassinated at his private home

Interim PM of Haiti has announced that he was now in charge of the Carribean country.


On Wednesday, the Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph informed that the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse had been gunned down by a group of unidentified people overnight at his private residence. He described the assassination as an “hateful, inhumane and barbaric act.”

Furthermore, First Lady Martine Moïse, Jovenel Moïse’s wife, has been injured and hospitalized. He added that Haiti’s National Police along with other authorities have the situation under control in the country. Officers are said to be deployed to the National Palace and the upscale community of Petionville.

As per reports, the assassination took place amidst the rise of political violence in Haiti. Under Moïse’s leadership, the Carribean nation had grown to be highly unstable triggering kidnappings and organized crime Protests against him had been happening ever since he became the President in 2017. This year, the opposition had accused him of seeking to place a dictatorship by overstaying his mandate and becoming more authoritarian. He had denied the charges.

As the country remains politically divided and faces a growing humanitarian crisis as well as food shortage, the fears of widespread disorder continues to exist.

According to the premiere, some attackers spoke Spanish but no further information was given. Interim PM stated, “All measures are being taken to guarantee the continuity of the state and to protect the nation.”

8:03 pm (IST), July 7

As reported by Reuters, the Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph has declared a state of emergency in the middle of the confusion over who would take over the reins of the nation next.

7:33 pm (IST), July 7

According to Sunrise Airways, all flights in and out of Haiti’s main airport in the capital city of Port au Prince have been cancelled or delayed until further notice.

6:56 pm (IST), July 7

As stated by its communication department in Washington, the Organization of American States have condemned Mr. Moïse’s assassination.

6:08 pm (IST), July 7

The President of Dominion Republic Luis Abinader has order the closure of its border with Haiti following the killing of Jovenel Moïse.

5:55 pm (IST), July 7

After the assassination of Mr. Moïse, the President of Colombia Ivan Duque has called on the Organization of American States for sending an urgent mission to the Carribean country of Haiti to “protect the democratic order.”

5:44 pm (IST), July 7

As per the press secretary of White House Jen Psaki, the United States is gathering information and assessing the “tragic attack” that killed the Mr. Moïse, calling it a horrific crime.