Global COVID-19 summit to be held on May 12: White House

This virtual summit will be joined by the US, G7 host Germany, G20 president Indonesia, African Union chair Senegal, Current chair of CARICOM on May 12th to discuss future pandemics and how to combat them.


Joe Biden president of the US, On Monday passionately spoke at the White House, “On May 12th we will hold a global summit to curb COVID-19 pandemic and also plan how to handle such future pandemics that have taken us all by harsh surprise.”

This virtual meet-up will kick off on May 12th in the presence of the US, the G20 president Indonesia, The current G7 host Germany, African Union chair Senegal, Current chair of CARICOM (Caribbean chapter). In a joint statement by all of the above-mentioned participating members, it said, “We will increase our efforts in ending the COVID-19 era and ensure to prepare for future crises.”

Joe Biden had held a similar meet-up last September where he enthusiastically asked members to join hands in increasing their vaccine production to make sure if not 100% at least 70% of the population worldwide were vaccinated.

As per worldwide COVID updates, death rates have fallen drastically however the spread of the Omicron variant still is a sign of worry. Many developing economies have taken a hit and are currently unsure whether or not to completely lift all restrictions. Having said that, China has started phase-wise lockdown again to combat Omicron deaths.

The joint statement by the participating countries further added, “We call all the global leaders, society members, government and private organizations, public and private health care organizations, philanthropists to take this as a personal commitment to save lives of everyone on this planet no matter which nation they belong to. The Omicron variant is less dangerous however it has given us all the more reason to join hands in vaccinating one and all. We aim to stick to our strategy and we aim to ensure we reach our worldwide goal.”

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