Foxconn to restart normal production in China end of March

The supplier of major tech company Apple – Foxconn recently announced that it would recommence normal manufacturing in China by the end of March and that over half its seasonal workforce in there had begun work after the coronavirus outbreak. The flu-like virus, which comes from China originally and could be transferred from person to person, has spread to over 60 nations. It has infected over 86,000 people and caused over 3,000 deaths, the majority in China.

Businesses were also affected since the governments restricted travelling in order to stop the outbreak, upending supply chains and eroding demand. The Lunar New Year break was also extended in China, meaning workers were slower to get back to work.


Foxconn, which is a company from Taiwan, is the world number one contract manufacturer.

The officials of the company, said late last month that the company had restarted carefully the production at its main plants in China but that the epidemic would take a toll on its revenue for the year.