For prisoner release Taliban offers truce

In exchange for a release of 7,000 insurgent prisoners, a three month ceasefire has been offered by the Taliban.

On Thursday as said by an Afghan government negotiator, in exchange for a release of 7,000 insurgent prisoners, a three-month ceasefire has been offered by the Taliban, as it was confirmed that the militant group had control of a key border crossing by Pakistan, according to a report released by The Hindu.

Adding that the removal of the names of their leaders from the United Nations Blacklist has been demanded by the insurgents, a member of the government team which is involved in peace talks with the Taliban, Nader Nadery said that it is a big demand. The government’s reaction to the ceasefire offer can not be predicted as of now and it comes as the United States has accelerated its pace of a troop withdrawal which is due to be finished by 31st August.


To disperse hundreds of people trying to force their way across the borders to Spin Boldak in Afghanistan from Chaman, Mr Nadery’s revelation came as Pakistan security forces used tear gas on Thursday for the above mentioned.

On Thursday it was confirmed by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry that the border crossing was in the hands of the Taliban, while Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri mentioned that they had taken control of Spin Boldak border crossing. He mentioned that on Wednesday, waiting to cross, around 1,500 people had gathered at the border. The border would open on Friday, as mentioned by a Pakistani official, later on, Thursday.