Explore Top 10: Nvidia is now world’s #1 most valuable company

Nvidia Takes the Crown Nvidia has ascended to the pinnacle of the global corporate hierarchy, now holding the title of the world’s most valuable company with a staggering market capitalization of $3.335 trillion. This milestone sees Nvidia overtaking industry giants Microsoft and Apple, with market caps of $3.32 trillion and $3.285 trillion, respectively. The current list of the world’s most valuable companies highlights the dynamic nature of global markets and the critical role of technology in driving economic growth. Nvidia’s unprecedented rise to the top spot exemplifies the transformative potential of AI and semiconductor advancements, heralding a new era in the corporate world.

The Top 10 List


  1. Nvidia
  2. Microsoft
  3. Apple
  4. Alphabet (Google)
  5. Amazon
  6. Saudi Aramco
  7. Meta Platforms (Facebook)
  8. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
  9. Berkshire Hathaway
  10. Eli Lilly

Tech Giants Dominate the Top Spots

Trailing Nvidia, Microsoft and Apple continue to hold significant market positions. Microsoft, with a market cap of $3.32 trillion, remains a dominant force in software and cloud computing. Apple, at $3.285 trillion, retains its stronghold through its ecosystem of consumer electronics and services.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, ranks fourth with a market cap of $2.17 trillion. The tech giant continues to leverage its dominance in search, advertising, and various digital services to maintain its formidable market presence.

Amazon Rounds Out the Top Five

Amazon, at $1.902 trillion, rounds out the top five. The e-commerce and cloud computing behemoth remains a pivotal player in global retail and digital infrastructure.

Diverse Industries Represent the Broader Top Ten

Outside the top five, Saudi Aramco holds a market cap of $1.78 trillion. The state-owned petroleum and natural gas company is the largest energy enterprise globally, reflecting its substantial influence on the global energy market.

Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, stands at $1.266 trillion. Despite facing numerous challenges, Meta continues to thrive through its social media platforms and investments in the metaverse.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), with a market cap of $928.42 billion, is a critical player in the global semiconductor supply chain. TSMC’s advanced manufacturing processes are essential for producing cutting-edge chips used in various high-tech devices.

Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate led by Warren Buffett, holds a market value of $880.73 billion. Its diverse portfolio includes significant stakes in various industries, from insurance to utilities.

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly completes the top ten, with a market cap of $847.65 billion. The company’s innovations in medicine and biotechnology have propelled its valuation, particularly through breakthroughs in treatments for diabetes and cancer.

Nvidia’s Rise Reshapes the Investment Landscape

Nvidia’s rapid ascension has reshaped the investment landscape. Index funds and ETFs tracking major market indices are rebalancing their holdings, increasing their exposure to Nvidia while adjusting their positions in other tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. This reallocation emphasizes Nvidia’s growing influence in the market.