EU includes Uyghurs and Hong Kong in investment agreement with China

The conditions to be met have been underlined by the members of the European parliament.


Before the legislature gives its consent to the EU-China comprehensive agreement on investment, the conditions to be met have been underlined by the members of the European parliament. Calling for using the comprehensive agreement on investment as a leverage instrument for improving the protection of Human Rights along with providing support for the Civil society in China, prepared by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the conditions have been listed in a draft report, according to a report released by the Hindustan Times.

Bringing an end to the human rights violations against the Uyghur minority in the nation, along with concrete measures toward the same and implementations of key labour laws, a timetable for China’s ratification has also been included in the Pre-ratification commitments listed in the report. A commitment by China to upholding its International commitments to Hongkong has also been demanded by it.

Along with the unilateral ban on the import of those products which come from forced labour or child labour or any other form of modern slavery, into alleged genocide and crimes against humanity which is taking place in Xinjiang, the resolution has also been supported by the United Nations to carry out legal investigations for the same.

Stronger cooperation with other democratic players such as South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and India have been urged by the European leaders.

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