Donald Trump backs Elon Musk’s bid to reopen Tesla Plant in California

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to back Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk’s decision to resume production at its California plant.


In response to Trump’s tweet, the billionaire tweeted: “Thank you!”

A day earlier, Musk tweeted that Tesla would resume production in violation of the lockdown rules set by Alameda County.

It is worth noting that the plant in Fremont was closed since March 23.

However, Fremont Mayor Lili Mei is optimistic about some kind of agreement between Alameda county and Tesla to be reached soon.

At present, the state law allows a fine up to $1000 a day or up to 90 days’ jail in violation of the health orders.

According to sources, against the county’s stay-at-home orders, Tesla’s Fremont plant has opened. Many employees were seen coming in and out of the plant on Tuesday.