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Chinese military run their drills close to Taiwan and East China Sea

This move comes at a time when US lawmakers visited Taiwan sending the ‘wrong signals’ to China.

Where Russia has invaded Ukraine looks like China is strapping its boots for Taiwan. On Friday China reported that it carried out military drills in the region around Taiwan as an indication to respond to the US for giving ‘wrong signals’. A US delegation had paid a visit to the island nation.


As per Chinese media, Shi Yilu, the spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army – Eastern Theatre Command, said, “We have sent bombers, fighter planes, frigates to the area of East China Sea and region around Taiwan. This exercise is our answer to the recent miscommunication sent by the US with regards to the issue of Taiwan.”


Shi Yilu further added, “We warn the US to stay out of our internal or regional politics, as they will burn in their own fire.”


Today a meeting was held with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and US Senator Bob Menendez Chairman of the Senate  Foreign Relations Committee, where he said, “Protecting the tech-hub is of prime importance. Its security is of prime importance to the US.”


As China prepares to reflect on its dominance over Taiwan, a team of 6 US lawmakers both Republicans and Democrats landed in Taiwan to re-assure its security of Taiwan. Such tricky visits and announcing Taiwan as its ally country shudders China. And China doesn’t like the remotest suggestion of Taiwan being an independent country and considers Taiwan to be its property. On the other hand, the US has no previous bilateral ties with Taiwan however the US has committed to supporting Taiwan with artillery and military aid.


“Come what may the US is committed to supporting Taiwan and we are well aware that its neighbor is very unhappy with our visit. Taiwan produces and meets the world’s 90%  demand for semiconductor products, this country is of prime importance and its security is of prime importance to us”, said Menendez to Tsai in a high-profile meeting that was broadcasted online live; indicating the comment toward China.