China’s Xi Jinping rolls out red carpet welcome for Russia’s Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China this week was a show of strength. It served as a chance for the Russian leader to prove to the world that he has a powerful ally in his corner.

While Putin is widely regarded as pariah since his order of invading Ukraine, he is still seen as a key partner by China’s Xi Jinping into seeking a new world order that it not led by the US.


The Chinese leader surely made his guest feel welcome as the red carpet was rolled out and the band played Red Army songs, and both the leaders were greeted by cheering leaders as they strolled through Tiananmen Square. There was even a brief hug for the cameras.

Putin landed in China, eager for Beijing to continue trading with heavily sanctioned and isolated Russia. As per the reports by BBC, the Russian leader’s statement were filled with honeyed tones and flattering phrases, as he mentioned that his family is learning Mandarin, which is rare because he hardly talks about his children in public.

He also declared that he and Xi were “as close as brother” and also praised the China’s economy, which according to him is “developing in leaps and bounds, at a fast pace.”