China develops laser weapon that can destroy satellites in space: Report

China has also developed laser-based weapons for its naval as well as fighters.

According to a report by Taiwan News, China has developed a ‘Relativistic Klystron Amplifier (RKA),’ which is capable of jamming satellites and destroying them in space. This is huge as American tech company Tesla is testing its SATCOM services and has pulled some jobs to support the “Ukrainian War Effort”.

This device is capable of generating a wave burst measuring 5-Megawatts in Ka-band, also Ka-Band is a section of electromagnetic spectrum increasingly used for both civil and military purposes, Taiwan News Reported.


China denies RKA’s higher potentials i.e. it could beam strong enough to rip through metallic materials moving at some velocity. This potential if proven can be harmful to assets in space that does not favour Chinese excellency.

China has also developed laser-based weapons for its naval as well as fighters. It is also fitting its ships with modern generators which can power high-energy weaponry. In 2021 it was reported China has developed a 100-Kilowatt airborne laser weapon.

In 2018 it was reported china has developed a laser rifle, China has been working on this technology for a long time and there might be a reason to think China has reached some laser superiority.

China has also called America an equal making its ambitions for world dominance clear, trade has already been mutch captured by the Chinese they are trying their hands in defence too. China has also warned America not to interfere in its internal affairs that China calls Taiwan, China has done multiple airspace violations over Taiwan.