Black Box analysis of downed Ukrainian jet reveals missiles hit 25 seconds apart

Cockpit exchange recorded in the downed Ukrainian jet, Boeing 737, shows that the passengers and crew were alive before the second missile hit, Iran said on Monday.

This is the first official report given by Capt Zanganeh, head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation after the black box was sent for analysis to France. He said that up to 19 seconds of conversation was recorded between the two pilots and one pilot instructor in the cabin and that they were piloting till the aircraft till the ‘last moment.’ The conversation between the pilots indicated that passengers were alive after the first impact and that the flight had been in a normal flight corridor before the first missile hit. 


“At this moment, the plane has an electrical problem and the auxiliary power of the plane is turned on at the order of the pilot instructor. Both engines were on in the seconds after the explosion.No sound was heard from the passenger cabin at that moment. The recording stopped after 19 seconds,” Zanganeh said. Since the recording stopped after 19 seconds the effects of the second missile could not be analyzed. The details about the conversation in the cockpit were not disclosed.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards had shot down the jet with a ground-to-air missile on 8th January in Tehran, killing all the 176 people aboard. Iran later admitted that it had shot the plane ‘unintentionally’ and that it was a ‘disastrous mistake’ amidst rising tensions between Iran and the U.S.