Bangkok airport area evacuated after blast occurs at Thai factory


Early on Monday, an airport terminal that was serving Thailand’s capital was shaken by a massive explosion that took place at a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok and prompted the evacuation of residents from the area.

Near Suvarnabhumi airport in foam and plastic pallet manufacturing factory which is situated in the Southeastern area of Bangkok witnessed the fire broke out early in the morning, while photos showed wreckage in the streets along with the windows blown out of the nearby homes caused due to the explosion.

Amid the fear that thousands of liters of leaking chemicals may cause more explosions, an evacuation of the area was being ordered by the authorities while firefighters were still working to contain the blaze hours later.

The cause of fire in the Bangphli area is not yet known along with the information of whether anyone was injured or killed in the incident. Setting off alarms at Bangkok’s main International airport, the initial explosion had shaken the terminal building at Suvarnabhumi, as reported by the local media. It was mentioned by the airport officials that no flights have been canceled although no other immediate details been given.