Apple to not sell its products in Russia

This decision comes after Apple Inc. had restricted the services of Apple Pay in Russia joining hands with other companies who levied sanctions on Russia. Apple will no longer sell its products to Russia.

One by one the western allies are joining hands to cripple Putin’s Russia. Apple Inc. decided to stop making its products available in Russia. It had earlier last week stopped the services of Apple Pay citing the offensive Russia threw at Ukraine and continues to do so.

Apple also brought down the functioning of several Russian news apps outside Russia.


In their official statement, Apple Inc. stated that they strongly condemned the Russian attack in Ukraine and they have decided to support humanitarian efforts, supporting refugees and everything in their capacity to extend support to the displaced people of Ukraine and other countries in this war.

Although one could still access the website however the Apple products have been shown as not available or not for sale. As an extreme safety measure, Apple has disabled live incidents and traffic in its Apple Maps in Ukraine for the citizens of Ukraine.

Apple Inc. continues to gauge the entire situation and is in touch with the relevant governments informing them about their course of action. Apple Inc intends to join the entire world which stands for peace and stability.

The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov had mailed Apple’s Tim Cook last week, requesting him to restrict access to Russians to the Apple products. Not only Apple Inc. but also other companies like FIFA, Youtube, Mastercard, Nike, Visa, Twitter all have restricted complete access to their portals for Russian users.