Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated a young Indian app developer

E-mail came from Apple CEO Tim Cook and was sent to the 9-year-old Indian app developer who lives in Dubai.


A 9-year-old Indian app developer living in Dubai, Hana, has received congratulations from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook responded to a young woman’s email who had created the Hanas app. She told the Apple CEO that she was the youngest iOS app developer, making her one of the youngest app developers in the entire globe.

Cook’s response, which they perceived as confirming the claims she had made in her email, made her parents very happy. Her father thinks that since so many kids are developing apps, Apple has the tools to check these claims. He discloses that her coding instructor is Hana’s older sister Leena Fathima, 10 years old.

The young girl claims that 10,000 lines of code were required to create the storytelling programme that allows parents to record stories for their children in their own voices. She got the idea after seeing a documentary. Before starting their day at work, parents can record stories for their kids to listen to while they fall asleep.

The parents of Hana and Leena inspired them to become self-taught programmers. The Lehanas website was made by Leena to teach kids about vocabulary, colours, and animals. When Kerala was devastated by floods, Leena posted a link to the Chief Minister’s fund on her website.

Leena wants to pursue her future studies in the US, while Hana dreams of working with Tim Cook one day. Leena likes to code because it gives her a buzz to work through problems and see her programmes come to life. However, the sisters’ ultimate purpose is to uplift society and bring happiness to its citizens.

Parents have primarily taught their daughters at home. Leena stated how their father, a project management consultant, encouraged their mother to learn coding so she could help him with his firm, which is how they got involved in coding.