2 arrested out of the 4 suspected killers of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse

Four suspected killers of president Jovenel Moïse have been fatally shot by the police.

While two others are arrested in an apparent hostage-taking situation, four suspected killers of president Jovenel Moïse have been fatally shot by the police, as said by Haiti’s police chief, according to a report released by India Today.

Soaring inflation and protests by opposition supporters who had accused Moïse of increasing authoritarianism. More chaos to the unstable Caribbean country which is already beset by gang violence was sure to be brought by the killing of Moïse early Wednesday along with the wounding of his wife.

Police and military were in control of security, as mentioned by Claude Joseph the interim Prime Minister. Haiti has a history of dictatorship and political upheaval while it is the poorest country in the Americas.

Inflicting more chaos on the Caribbean country, During an overnight raid on their home on Wednesday, a squad of gunmen assassinated the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse along with wounding his wife.

An investigation into the assassination was called by interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph in an interview with the Associated Press, he also mentioned that the elections which were scheduled for later this year shall be held and pledged to work with Moïse’s allies and opponents alike.

There was confusion about who should take control and widespread anxiety among Haitians, despite Claude Joseph’s assurance that the order shall prevail.


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