15,000 Russian troops killed & 45,000 more have been injured: CIA Chief

The CIA director in a conference stated that over 15,000 Russian troops have lost their lives fighting Ukraine.


It has been nearly five months since Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated a “special military operation” against its former Soviet neighbor Ukraine. The Russians have steamrolled through a 5th of the country occupying parts of the Donbas region. And much of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast.

William Burns speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado stated. That around 15,000 Russian troops have been killed. And 45,000 more have been injured since the war began in February.

He added by saying that Russian gains in Ukraine have come at a steep cost. As the Russians have concentrated their manpower and equipment in the Donbas. And on the Black Sea coast after the disastrous first phase in which the Russian Army tried to hit the jugular of Ukraine by attacking Kyiv. Russia’s campaign to take over Kyiv was repealed by the Ukrainian armed forces. As the Russians lacked a structure in logistics supply and intelligence gathering.

”In a way, what the Russian military has done is retreat to a more comfortable way of war, in a sense, by using their advantages and long-range firepower to stand off and effectively destroy Ukrainian targets and to compensate for the weaknesses in manpower that they still experience,” Burns said.

In June, the Ukrainian authorities claimed that they have been losing up to 100 to 200 troops per day. Since Russian aggression turned it into a war.

Burns also said that the Americans are sharing the Ukrainians intelligence. And they have been using it effectively and putting it to good use.

The west and the US have engaged in providing Ukraine with vast amounts of intelligence. As well as an array of advanced weapons like the Javelin anti-tank guided missile, stinger MANPADs and HIMARS.

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