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US Capitol Riots hearing against Trump, daughter rejects election fraud flagged by father

Congressional hearing has kickstarted against the Former President Donald Trump with his involvement on Jan 6 Capitol riots.


A congressional hearing has kicked off into investigating the US riots that took place on January 6, 2021, during the time when Former President Donald Trump was still in office. Where it was alleged that he did nothing in his power to protect the Constitution of the United States. And had failed to serve his duty to protect the people. The hearing was televised on prime-time television for the entire nation to bring forward the reality. Surrounding the horrifying event of the US Capitol riots. 

Hearing against Trump

According to the latest report the panel has presented a video when the former President’s daughter had herself doubted the claims of her father about the election fraud. It has been seen that the riots not long after the inciting speech given by the Former President where he had urged them to “fight like hell”. 


A rather ironic scenario took place for people to see. Since, his views of an election fraud possibility were not shared by people from his own administration itself. As his Attorney General Bill Barr had rejected the claims in a video presented by the House Select Committee. Barr’s video testimony opened with him labelling the fraud allegations “bullshit,” an argument that had persuaded Trump’s daughter.

“I respect Attorney General Barr. So I accepted what he was saying,” Ivanka Trump said in her testimony on videotape. 



As reported by the House Select Committee Representative Liz Cheney in her speech as she homed in on Trump that the Former President claimed to his staff that the people “were doing what they should be doing”. As they had started to ask President Trump to call on the people and instruct them to leave. She had also confirmed that former Vice President Mike Pence had called on the military. To stop the people from attacking the U.S. Capitol on January 6 instead of the President

US Capitol Riots hearing

Caroline Edwards, Capitol Police Officer at the time had testified to a video where she. “Was called Nancy Pelosi’s dog, called incompetent, called a hero, and a villain. I was called a traitor to my country, my oath, and my Constitution. In actuality, I was none of those things. I was an American standing face to face with other Americans. Asking myself many times, many, many times, how we had gotten here.”

In the never before seen video of the horrific day that is January 6, which was presented in front of a Congress panel, it can be clearly witnessed that the speech given by President Donald Trump had instigated rather unwarranted nationalist feelings among the people which led to the crowd break through the east side on January 6 and shouting “USA, USA, USA!!!!!!” while breaking through the police barrier. 

Further updates are still awaited.