US Capitol attack’s leader gives testimony implicating Trump

The US Department of Justice has come with a testimony of a leader (among others) of the Oath Keepers paramilitary group named Watkins (the group that was responsible for the planning and execution of the Capitol siege) has testified that she was of the belief that she was reacting only to a the call-of-action from then-President Donald Trump himself.

In the filing of the Democrat-led prosecution, it has been evidenced that Watkins, had already been planning the siege and was responsible for coordinating and organizing a big chunk of the people who actually attacked the Capitol building that day. The prosecution presented that, “as the inauguration grew nearer, [Jessica] Watkins indicated that she was awaiting direction from President Trump.”

This is a statement that directly implicates former US-President Donald Trump to insurrection that was witnessed.

A text by Watkins which was apprehended under the current investigation stated her saying, ‘I am concerned this is an elaborate trap. Unless the POTUS himself activates us, it’s not legit. The POTUS has the right to activate units too. If Trump asks me to come, I will. Otherwise, I can’t trust it.”

According to the prosecution, Watkins, was one of the very few people who actually were aware of what they were doing and had elaborately planned out the siege making them the primary perpetrators.

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