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Trump’s comments on Kamala Harris come under fire for being Anti-Indian

President Donald Trump’s comments came under intense scrutiny for anti-India sentiments.

After the announcement of Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate on the Biden Democratic ticket, President Donald Trumps guns changed direction towards her.

He retweeted a string of anti-Kamala tweets, some of them included news reports by Fox News. Kamala Harris was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother. She will be the first woman of African American and Indian ancestry to be a candidate for the United States elections.


Mr Trump had the following to say about the Biden-Harris partnership, “No, I haven’t been blunt. I said she treated Joe Biden worse than anybody else. I watch those debates. They were very boring but they were debates nevertheless. I watched pretty good parts of them. She treated Biden worse than anybody else by far. There was nobody, including Pocahontas, nobody treated Biden so badly as Kamala.”

His comments on Kamala Harris specifically came under much fire. He said, “If Joe Biden would become the President, he will immediately pass legislation to gut every single police department in American and probably Kamala (Harris) is a step worse. She is of Indian heritage. I have more Indians than she has.”