Mahatma Gandhi’s statue vandalised and ripped in USA’s California


A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalised, broken and ripped from the base by unknown miscreants in the Central Park of the City of Davis in Northern California, USA. The incident has shocked and outraged the Indian-Americans across the country who have demanded that the officials investigate it as an incident of hate crime.

The local Davis Enterprise daily reported that the bronze statue which was 6-ft tall and weighed 249Kgs appeared to have been sawed off at the ankles and half its face was severed and missing

The police said that a park employee found the vandalised statue in the early hours of the morning of January 27. However, investigators are still unsure of when exactly the statue was torn down or what the motive may have been.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) California Advocacy Director Easan Katir, while demanding to investigate this incident as a hate crime by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said, “We condemn this cowardly desecration and call upon the Department of Homeland Security and FBI to investigate this hate crime, as it was likely done to intimidate the Indian American community. We urge local police to apprehend the perpetrators and call upon the city council to resurrect the statue as a statement that such destructive acts are not in harmony with our community standards.”
The foundation also took to Twitter to condemn the incident. 


Meanwhile, the vandalism was praised on Twitter by a Pro-Khalistan Group in California, who shared photos of the destroyed statue, and others who stated: “Today Is A Good Day.” This is not the first time a statue of Gandhi has been desecrated. In December 2020, Khalistani-supporters had desecrated a Mahatma Gandhi statue in Washington, DC in front of the Indian Embassy.

The 6-feet tall statue of Gandhi was donated by the Indian government to the city of Davis and was installed by the city council four years ago amidst protests from anti-Gandhi and anti-India organisations.

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