Anti-Trump Republican ready to face dismissal from the party

One of Illinois’ Republican Congressmen stated in a speech that the nation’s Republicans will slowly distance themselves from former President Donald Trump as time passes.

Addressing the issue he said, “Every day that goes by, there are less and less people that would consider themselves ‘Trump Republicans’ as the emotion wears off. In six months, it’s not necessarily going to be the party of Donald Trump. I do think that we are in a battle, maybe a battle that really needs to happen, for our party to say ‘what is it that we stand for.’ Not when it comes to policy but, as much as anything, are we aspirational or are we a party that feeds on fear.”

He was the only Republican to vote in favour of a decision urging Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment under which a Vice President can strip the President of their powers if they believe the President isn’t competent anymore, and also one among the 10 Republicans who voted to question Trump for inciting a riot on the Capitol.

Affirming the same views he tweeted –

Kinzinger has now taken a fixed ground and is not willing to move his opinions no matter what consequences he is faced by. “I’m willing to blow this whole thing out of the water at all times,” Kinzinger said telling people that he didn’t care anymore if he was thrown out of the party as he now had no more faith in it.

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