Rohit Sharma escapes a serious injury while attempting a scoop shot


In the second T20I match between India and South Africa, a blow on skipper Rohit’s finger made things serious for the team and the spectators.

Rohit Sharma tried to scoop the ball over the keeper’s head but wasn’t completely successful in doing so. The skipper score a boundary through the gloves but also managed to hit his finger as well.

It looked serious as the match was stopped and the physiotherapist was called on the field to have a closer look. Sharma struggled a bit and that made the spectators and everyone worried for a while.

It would have been a big blow for the team if the injury was serious ahead of the T20 World Cup 2022.

However, Hitman took a while and was back to the crease. Moreover, everyone thought he might slow down but we got to see some huge shots from the skipper.